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INDEPENDENT SHOEMAKERS Great Britain and Ireland


Independant Shoemakers listed

Bill Bird Shoes //  Bespoke orthopaedic shoemaker

Carreducker Shoes  //  Bespoke shoemaker

Conker  //  Handmade shoes

The Cordwainer //  Bespoke orthopaedic shoemaker

Ruth Emily Davey  //  Handcrafted shoemaker

Freerangers  //  Vegan footwear

Little Arthur Green Shoes  //  Leather shoes

Green Shoes  //  Vegan footwear

Phil Howard  //  Clogmaker

Ideal Footwear  //  Made to measure shoes

Isle of Wight Feet  //  Specialist shoe shop

Alan James Raddon  //  Made to measure shoes

Roman Sandals  //  Sandals

Roosters  //  Made to measure shoes

Simple Way  //  Made to fir shoes

Tony Slinger  // Bespoke shoemaker

Special Footwear  //  Orthopaedic shoemaker

Stand of Salisbury  //  Made to measure shoes

James Taylor & Son //  Bespoke shoemaker

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