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Dave Xavier Award 


What is the award? 

The Xavier Award was founded in 2018 by the delegates of the Independent shoemakers Conference to commemorate Dave Xavier. David spent his whole life working in the footwear trade, specialising in orthopaedic footwear. He was a conference regular and his passion was infectious and his skills were tremendous. 

Dave was always on hand to share his skills and knowledge with shoemakers across the board, which is why this award is so important. To honour his memory, everything he did for the independent shoe making trade and to encourage the shoemakers of the future. 

Who Can enter? 

The award is open to any traniee, apprentice or student with the passion for footwear.  All applicants must attend the conference for the day, with their work displayed along side their portfolio. 

What do you need? 

The brief is to create a pair of shoes/boots etc in any style to accommodate an orthopaedic/ fitting problem. The entrant must be able to complete three of the following skill independently and produce a portfolio detailing the problem the shoes are accommodating and the journey of making. 

The skills required are as follows: 

  • Last making or altering 

  • Design 

  • Patterns 

  • Closing 

  • Lasting  up 

  • Soles and heels  

What is the prize?

The winner will receive: 

  • The Xavier Cup ( for the year) 

  • Cash Prize

  • Leather vouchers 

  • Framed Certificate 

How to enter..

Let us know if you would like to enter the competition by contacting the Conference host

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